Just 72 hours to understand and improve your overactive bladder and bladder control!

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Just 72 hours to understand and improve your bladder control!

Has your ability to just have a pee changed?

Is it because of “enlarged prostate” or “overactive bladder”? If you are in your late 50’s or 60’s it is probably a mix of the two!

But has anyone, even your Family Practitioner, told you this? They probably want to put their finger up your bum and say “bit enlarged” it’s part of old age – great so there you go life changed forever and probably getting worse.

Well just download this app and use it for 72 hours and reveal the truth of your worries, probably won’t be as bad as you think!

Join millions of others and sort your overactive bladder situation.

This app is designed to help you understand and control your bladder problems.

Bladder Strategy .Com
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Control Your Bladder in 72 Hours

Look, if you are experiencing changes to how and when you need a pee then 72 hours is unlikely to cure the problem but in that time you will get an insight into what is going on. I developed this app as a result of 5 years of trying to analyse my bodily reactions, mainly as I found family practitioners of little help. It has taken me 5 years to get back to near “normal”, indeed, recently whilst tutoring some engineering recruits I needed to visit the toilet less than them, and they were in their twenties! HOW GOOD IS THAT!

This app will cut out 5 years of effort and should allow you to take back control, its a bit quirky but with the help of a growing community of fellow sufferers is being continually improved. You can control your overactive bladder with this app, I have done it!

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Download Your Data

With the premium version you are able to download your data. This can be used to help you understand your issues and can also be used to show your family practitioner.

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The App Gives You Practical Advice

The App give analysis based on your inputs and provides conclusions as to your current situation. It also provides recommendations on products used to relieve symptoms of an Overactive Bladder.
Everybody’s biological make up varies so some products will work for some people and some won”t. The premium version of this app allows you to input any supplements and over time you can see how they effect you. Feed back from our community is zeroing in on some myths and other successes

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