The Bladder Strategy App can help you control your bladder. It will help you log and understand your toilet usage as well as providing some pointers to help you resolve your situation.


So how did this bladder app come to life?

My name is Bill, I live in Devon, England and I have suffered with bladder issues. By developing a strategy and through trial and error I overcame my problem. I decided to pass on my knowledge to others and set about developing the Bladder Strategy App.

Here is my story …

So 34 years ago I left the best employed position I ever had. Trained by the then Central Electricity Generating Board and having honed my more practical skills in the merchant navy with Shell Tankers, I was an engineer with a chipboard manufacturer.

That manufacture is now known as Norboard and produces all the B&Q range of kitchens as well as acres of flooring. I like to think that at just 21 I was instrumental in securing their future and at the start of the green revolution.
As part of my role I was made the project manager of a £1m waste wood incinerator. This was a huge responsibility, it soon provided 95% of the heat required to mould the chipboard and provided me with the experience  to be recognised by the Engineering Council as a registered engineer.

All that was to go as I had a yearning to run my own business, so I left the job and Set up “Fire Defence Servicing Ltd” to service automatic fire suppression systems.

So 34 years of serious ups and downs, of new adventures, new failures but ever onwards.

Then 5 years ago at 58 years odd things started to go wrong, bodily, my bladder started to take control and I had to beware of where toilets were available, getting up 2,3,4 times a night for a pee. Trips to the GP failed to get tangible results, or transitional improvements that added to the worries. Prostate cancer was and still is in the news but to get to a conclusion seemed to evade me.

Access to Google was possibly a dangerous course but I started to trawl  around for answers and testing various supplements that made inflated claims, taking prescription drugs all of which had varying degrees of success.

It transpires that all sorts of things effect your bodies responses, indeed those responses change over time, from what gut flora you have to what you eat and drink, when you eat  and drink it and how your relationships change.

Trying to follow these responses is a long term task and full of variables that may or may not effect your toiletry demands.

So I set out developing a diary to enable a record of events to be taken over short periods regularly, this diary is the APP that has just been released. Over time and with inputs from a huge test base I hope to add relevant records so that individuals can down load their personnel log and apply criteria that gives an insight into how their body responds to their efforts.

This is just the start so down load the app now and let’s work together on a self help basis. Initially the blog will be modulated by me but over time it might be good to set up a panel.


P.S. No stopping on the hard shoulder for a pee or getting up more than once a night at the moment!