Anxiety alert for overactive bladder syndrome

Anxiety alert for overactive bladder syndrome

Overactive bladder syndrome can be a cause of anxiety or fear of embarrassment.

The urgent demand of an out of control bladder, a main symptom of  overactive bladder syndrome, along with a feeling that a little leakage is happening has caused me mild dysmorphia,  a mental disorder in which I can’t stop thinking about the possibility that my incontinence could be noticed by others.

The reality is that my anxiety is far worse than the factual situation, only once, on the motorway as it happened, have I suffered a serious incontinence malfunction.

Indeed that episode was the start of my bladderstrategy app that I hope people will find helpful even if not a cure.

It seems that all sorts of triggers can set off anxious periods and anxiety effects millions of people in the UK whilst world wide it is thought that it is the most prevalent mental health disorder.

Anxiety in this instance has a reason so this particular trigger can be worked on, I guess my experience is typical. The demands of my brain/gut/bladder cause stress leading to anxiety and more pressure on my bladder demands. Planning and searching for a toilet being uppermost in my thoughts. A vicious  circle that at one point was leading me to a withdrawal from social interaction, until I started to record the reality which was not as bad as my anxiety would have me believe.

I still get anxious occasionally but generally resorting to my last records or starting a new set of records for a few days dispels this particular trigger, at least for me.


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