Bladder training

Bladder training

Bladder training may be sensible if a little incontinence is experienced.

Various theories exist as to how this helps,maybe to increase the volume of pee you can hold in your bladder.

For me it serves to remind the bladder and its associated muscles who is in charge – me!

Before starting training you need a baseline so keep a diary, use my bladderstrategy app as it is so easy. If you are concerned about having a shrunken bladder then by all means get a measuring jar and measure how much you pee each time you go.

If you really want to do this then you could add the volume as a fluid intake on our bladderstrategy app, just remember it’s output not input in your case.

We are looking at adding various fields to deal with people’s preferences but it’s early days for us.

Once  you have a baseline record, maybe a couple of days, start doing the pelvic floor muscle trading.

You don’t need to  keep a pee log for more than  a few days but keep exercising, 3 times a day at least.

After, say, a week log your pees again and see if your brain is taking back control.

You can check out our blog about the power of your gut or read “The Gut” by

Guilier Enders.

Unfortunately big improvements may take weeks but at least you are starting to regain control.

We are adding comment and suggestions all the time so keep logging and let us know how you are doing or if you have other techniques to improve the situation some 20% of us find our selves in.