BREXIT will it effect my prostate?

BREXIT will it effect my prostate?

BREXIT appears to be threatening the very existence of life in the UK so what effect will it have on my prostate.

Some say stress is a big driver of all things healthy and no doubt it has had  some effect on my prostate. The swelling of my prostate has caused me embarrassment is age related and under control. I believe PYGEUM a root extract was the first supplement that really helped but now the remain campaigners are shouting that the NHS will fail, we will be overrun by asylum seekers, all our savings will go up in smoke, our pensions become worthless and much much more I do wonder if I should lay in stocks of PYGEUM.

I may not be able to afford it in a post EU world or we may not get a trade deal with the countries that supply PYGEUM.

WIll BREXIT give the PYGEUM producing states the opportunity they have been waiting for to hold us to ransom, 20kilos of PYGEUM for a Range Rover?

Should we be looking at producing PYGEUM in the UK, although I guess for me it needs to be England as our dependencies may also decide to strike out on their own. This would give even more stress on my prostate.

ahhh not sure I can cope with this, I scan the news every day for the inevitable advice that voting for BREXIT will cause prostates across the UK to inflate, motorway verges will become toilets 30% of the population will be queuing outside GP surgeries, giving up and queuing for A and E to get some relief, thus prompting the apocalyptic failure of the NHS.

Likly or Not?