Gary needs a P

Gary needs a P

Gary Lineker looking for a p made me wonder if he had signed up to Bladderstrategy app .

We can all help him but I guess he is not after a pee like us.
If you need a pee to often, over 8 times a day, then going on a bank holiday could be a drag.
Start recording your actual pees to check out the reality.

Bladderstrategy allows you to record several of he symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome and/or swollen prostate.

If you decide that symptoms don’t require urgent medical help and advice,surgery or heavy medication for example then bladderstrategy provides feed back on techniques and remedies that have worked for others.

Recording your fluid intake and any supplements you take means you can, over time, see what and how your efforts are panning out.
Even if my tips don’t help the accurate record will!

Analise it your self or take it to your GP who, no doubt will sort you out.