Highgrove visit calms prostate worries

Highgrove visit calms prostate worries

My prostate got so worked up about BREXIT I took it for a look around Highgrove,  Prince Charles’ garden.

All really well organised and interesting. Security won’t allow phones etc so acted as an IT detox period as well.

Alan Titchmarsh gave a good tour of the reasons for British gardens being what they are. Apparently it all started with Wiliam the Conqueror in 1066!

Anyway the bladder stood up well, no urges to pee no leeks or retained urine.

All in all a good day still have a bit of a problem starting and full flow is a distant memory.

Incontinence,overactive bladder prostate problems and BHP took a back seat.

Is the secret of bladder control really just relaxation and getting the mind to focus on more interesting things.

Someone said that obesity is more linked to boredom than anything else maybe BPH or OAB can be helped by the mind?