Overactive bladder and pelvic floor muscles

Overactive bladder and pelvic floor muscles

If you have symptoms of OAB (overactive bladder) then exercising your pelvic floor muscles is a definite starting point.

Pelvic floor muscles? Well if you are in certain company you may wish to suppress any windy pops, or as my French grandchildren say “stop prouting”.

You squeeze the muscles around your bum to prevent this possibly embarrassing gas discharge, these muscles are your pelvic floor muscles.

When squeezing them you will feel a pulling of the anus and movement of the penis.

Now you know what they are just exercise them discreetly anytime.

Squeeze and hold for 5 seconds then relax for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Remember a second is quite a long time count by slowly whispering “one and two and three and four and five” then relax, make sure you relax for the full five seconds before squeezing again.

You should exercise these muscles twice per day in at least three positions i.e lying down, sitting and standing.

Do not use your stomach muscles, when you start exercising you can place your hand on your stomach and check that no movement happens when squeezing.

Don’t hold your breath.

When exercising no movement of the body, up or down should occur.

Practice this so that no one can observe you doing the exercise.

That’s it, a simple start to a potentially life changing routine.

One small caution, I do recall an old saying “Where e’er you be let the wind blow free, for twas the stopping of the wind that was the death of me”