Overactive bladder syndrome and incontinence worries

Overactive bladder syndrome and incontinence worries

Overactive bladder syndrome is often associated with incontinence and has three main types.

Urge incontinence, when such a strong need to urinate means a toilet can not be reached in time.

Stress incontinence, when other bodily actions force a leak, perhaps coughing, sneezing or laughing.

Mixed incontinence, is a combination of urge and stress incontinence.

Often a big concern is embarrassing your self with partners or in public, this can start to effect every day decisions and none of the above bladder problems should be allowed to.

Perhaps your partner is aware that you are experiencing some problem, thoughts of going to the cinema or a show are causing a bit of negativity.

Remind yourself: This probably bothers you a lot more than it will bother your partner. You may be surprised at how easily your partner accepts the worries and maybe raising the bladderstrategy app will provide a little light relief. That is the point measure the problem so that you can start to get over it.

Bladderstrategy app can help demystify overactive bladder incontinence by understanding how often and when these leaks occur providing insight into possible corrective measures.

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Get to grips with your overactive bladder