Problems having a pee- swollen prostate symptoms.

Problems having a pee- swollen prostate symptoms.

Are you are having problems urinating. Need to pee but cannot start, only a dribble can be achieved. Bladder seems full even after flow is curtailed or getting up many times at night to urinate, you may have a swollen prostate or BPH (benign prostate enlargement or hypertrophy/hyperplasia)

Over time our prostates can swell pressing against the urethra (pee tube) so you have to pressurise your pee to overcome the restriction. Its the same as If you step on a garden hose the flow of water will decrease. step hard enough and you can stop the flow altogether.

Buildng this pressure can take a little time hence standing at a urinal as others come and go.

In serious cases not all the pee will get out and the bladder swells and becomes this situation get help as your kidneys could get damaged if it goes on.

In my case this was the first indication I had a problem. Then starting and stopping became very frustrating. My enlarged prostate was pressing against my urethra reducing the urine from easily flowing out of my bladder. After eventually starting by clenching other muscles and a great deal of patience the flow stopped then after starting was only a dribble and so on.

The amount of time I spent looking at porcelaine was becoming embarrising with long long waits for the bladder empty feeling.

The thing is this was only the start of my problems.