Urgent bladder demand to have a pee

Urgent bladder demand to have a pee

So now I struggle to pee at all and my bladder informs my brain that it needs an urgent pee.

Help – nearest toilet?

To start with this was not to difficult I was able to hold on to find a toilet but as time went on my bladder/brain gang started to make life more difficult and I just let it carry on.

It all came to a head on a motor way, if you ever, and leakage occurred. At that point I new I had to do something. Well, what was the actual position?

The practitioner said, start taking a diary as without knowing the extent of the problem it is difficult to assess the way to deal with.

Now I am not good with diaries so I looked for a simple app. The only one I could find was one called peepoo which did indeed allow very easy recording of toiletry habits.

This proved interesting as in fact what seemed to be 5 or 6 visits to the toilet at night was in fact 3 or 4 and just a little battle against the brain/bladder gang started to bring back confidence.

Now to start thinking about what else is happening.